Today’s norm of private, silent reading, was extremely rare in the Middle Ages: Medieval narratives were created and intended to be performed. Their “performability” was, and remains, part of their fundamental character, affecting in significant ways audience response. This is why, at
Mednar.org, we bring medieval stories back to life in performances for modern audiences, to provide knowledge of medieval literature, and a better understanding of ways in which medieval narratives may have been performed for their original audiences.

With many video clips available to everyone, we help you further understand and enjoy the different medieval narrative genres, including epics, romances, lais, saints’ lives, allegorical works, tales, fabliaux, and others. Focusing, but not limited to Western Europe, our videos cover a broad linguistic and geographical range of storytelling, acting,
singing, instrument, mime, puppet, and dance performances, delivered by professionals, skilled amateurs, teachers, and students.

Mednar.org – Performing Medieval Narrative Today: A Video Showcase is an educational project co-founded by Evelyn (Timmie) Birge Vitz, Nancy
Freeman Regalado, and Marilyn Lawrence of the New York University French Department in 2004. It contains over 200 clips, and continues to seek to increase the number of performance, and the range of traditions covered.

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