Performing Medieval Narrative Today

A Video Showcase


Videos of performances of medieval narrative available for purchase

– Very few videos of performances of medieval narrative are at present commercially available. We welcome information on new video recordings.
– See also video clips of performances from Arthurian narratives on our sister website Arthurian Legend in Performance at

Bagby, Benjamin. 2006. Beowulf. DVD. Koch Vision/Charles Morrow Productions LLC and Jon Aaron.

Cavallo, Jo Ann. 2003. Il Maggio Emiliano: Ricordi, Riflessioni, Brani. Idealizione, interviste, represe e montaggio di Jo Ann Cavallo. DVD. Purchase information: Prof. Jo Ann Cavallo, Italian Department, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027, (The “Maggio” is a form of traditional Italian popular entertainment—including singing, instrumental accompaniment, and costumed actors—inspired from such narratives as the story of Roland at Roncevaux and of Tristan and Isolde. This website includes clips from both: see Roncisvalle and Tristano e Isotta under Title of work on home search page.)

Ensemble Dialogos. 2013. Judith: A Biblical Story from Renaissance Croatia. DVD. Radislav Jovanov Gonzo/ Alpha Productions.

Zaerr, Linda Marie. 2011. Music and Medieval Narrative. DVD. (A complete performance of the Middle English Tournament of Tottenham with fiddle, and a 32-minute lecture demonstration with excerpts in Old French and Middle English.) Provo: Chaucer Studio.

—. 1999. The Weddynge of Sir Gawen and Dame Ragnell. DVD & VHS. TEAMS/Provo: Chaucer Studio.

—. 2002.  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, with Shira Kammen and Laura Zaerr. DVD & VHS. TEAMS/Provo: Chaucer Studio.

Videos of narratives from analogous traditions

Bhopo Productions. Tales of Pabuji: A Rajasthani Tradition. Distributed by The Academic Video Store, Alexander Street Press.

Documentary Educational Resources distributes many films of interest. Among them are:

Emigh, John and Ulrike. Hajari Bhand of Rajasthan: Jester without CourtDistributed by Documentary Educational Resources.

Grabias, David. Asiklar: Those Who Are in Love. Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources.

Kishore, Shweta and Yask Desai. Of Bards and Beggars. Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources.